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We invite you to sauna and winter swimming to Ocypel.

Our sauna with a large glazing is located on the shore of the lake. It has a large vestibule, can accommodate 6-8 people and is wood-fired. The sauna can be used by guests of Marina Kociewska as well as people from outside. The sauna is exclusive to the person making the reservation and his/her companions.

A session in a dry sauna relaxes. Its effects will be felt especially by people who are under severe stress. A dozen or so minutes of staying in the cabin will noticeably ease the tension and allow you to relax. Due to the fact that the effect of a thermal bath is the opening of pores in the skin and strong sweating, a stay in a dry sauna is conducive to the removal of toxins from the body. Under the influence of the right temperature, the sebaceous glands are unblocked, and therefore the skin itself is cleansed. It becomes smooth and delicate. Due to the significant loss of water from the body, the dry sauna also has properties that improve metabolism. However, remember to replenish the lost fluids immediately after the end of the thermal bath. The best effects are achieved by staying in the sauna for 8-15 minutes at a time. Such use of the sauna is the most efficient and safest for the body. There can be three such sessions. Between each exit and entry, you should take a cold shower or step into a cold lake and dry yourself thoroughly.

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  • Pln 100/h up to 4 people, each additional person costs PLN 20/h.
    The price includes wood and heating of the sauna by a member of staff.
    Towels, bathrobes, slippers, etc. on your own.

    Reservation is required for a given hour, preferably a day in advance, the sauna heats up about 2 hours.