OPTYMIST - the best training unit for the youngest.

Brand new optimists are already wintering at Ocypel, we are looking forward to launching them. The most popular, probably in the world, children's sailing boats were produced for us by Banan-Yacht from Szczecin. We invite children from the age of 7 for the first independent operation of a sailboat under the guidance of an instructor and lifeguard, we will introduce children step by step to the secrets of sailing with wind and wind, tying and untying ropes, calling for help and providing it, and many other necessary sailor’s skills. These boats are unsinkable thanks to three displacement chambers filled with foam. Each optimist is equipped with an aluminum mast with wimpl, boom and spreader, sail, sword and laminate rudder blade, sword protection, mast protection, rudder protection, deck, paddle and scoop. Active spending holidays in this way can instill in a child a passion for life. We offer individual and group lessons on optimists - we arrange classes by phone or in person, at any time of the day or every day of the week. We also organize water sports semi-camps - we invite you already on holidays from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00!