Water sports semi-camp in Ocypel

From 500zł for 5 days
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Classes run from Monday to Friday. Age of participants 8-15 years. During the classes, children / teenagers will sail on sailboats, motorboats, kayaks and pedal boats under the supervision of instructors and a WOPR lifeguard. In case the weather is unfavorable, classes will be held in a tent with an area of approximately 50 m2. As part of the day camp, sailing and water behavior in practice and theory are planned, recreational swimming on pedal boats, kayaks, an electric motorboat, a rowing boat, a canoeing trip, a bonfire with sausages, sports games and activities, learning sailing knots and songs. Possibility of classes for 4 or 8 hours a day with lunch and transport from Starogard Gd. Marina Kociewska has her own bus and a permit to transport people. The organizer and main instructor of these classes, Michał Gliniecki, has 20 years of experience in working with children at sailing camps as an educator, helmsman, instructor and WOPR lifeguard, which is also confirmed by many courses and exams in this direction.

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Option 1 - price Pln 950; 8am - 4pm - 5 days (Monday - Friday)

  • - 8:00 children's departure by bus/bus from Starogard Gd to Ocypel - from 7:40 the bus is waiting for children in the parking near Biedronka at Haller Street in Starogard Gd
  • - 8:45 equipment preparation, theoretical and practical classes
  • - 11:00 second breakfast
  • - 11:20 water activities, games and activities
  • - 13:00 lunch, catering in our tent
  • - 13:30 classes, clarification of equipment
  • - 15:20 departure from Ocypel
  • - 16:00 arrival of children in Starogard - pick up until 16:20
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Day camp dates in 2024:





With more interest, we will also launch other dates.

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Option 2 - price pln 500; 9-13 - 5 days (Monday - Friday)

  • - 9:00 children are brought to Ocypel by their guardians
  • - 9:10 equipment preparation, theoretical and practical classes
  • - 11:00 second breakfast
  • - 11:20 water activities, equipment clarification
  • - 13:00 pick up children after classes by carers from Ocypel

What to bring to classes:
- second breakfast, water
- hat, towel, flip flops/sandals/water shoes, rain jacket, change of clothes
- cream with filter

Statute 6.5h Statute 8h
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